Luisa Chillida is an artist born in San Sebastián in 1981.

She grew up in a family where art and artistic crafts had a great presence. The granddaughter of a sculptor and daughter of graphic engravers, her learning process in these disciplines began early.

Graduated in graphic design and postgraduated in creative illustration and visual communication techniques at the Barcelona School of Design and Art (Eina), she also trained at the Jaime Díaz Contemporary Jewelry School and Research Center. For many years she combined her work as a graphic and product designer with the development of her artistic work.

The way she approaches her work is strongly marked by the expressive versatility allowed by the disciplines she explores. She avoids the selective search for a single path and embraces diversity, which manifests itself in a technical, thematic and disciplinary multiplicity.

The sources of inspiration and the areas she addresses are diverse; nature, structures, human condition and representation, among others. Her work reflects a wide range of influences and themes such as anthropological art, pictorial and sculptural arts, design or traditional crafts.

She has exhibited her work in different galleries in places such as Paris, Edinburgh, Madrid, London, Barcelona and San Sebastián.

In 2021 she created SUUIT, a platform that brings together the artist's two branches of creation: art and decorative arts, disciplines whose intentionality and development are very different, but which are deeply linked and have always been part of her work.

SUUIT comprises the decorative arts work and objects available and also houses the archives of both branches, where you can see a selection of works and projects that help to understand her creative path in greater depth. These archives are in a continuous updating process.